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    Ground Transportation

    > Time/Distance : Approximate 1-hour drive(16 miles) to downtown Songdo 

    > Taxis : Taxis are available at the airport. Fares are based on traffic condition, but an average fare is $20

    > Bus :  take a bus at the airport and get off nearby Songdo convensia station

    Bus number


    6-1, 91, 1301, 6724 Convensia station
    6, 8, 92, 780Songdo convensia station
    303The sharp first-world station

    > Airport limousine : KAL limousine operates to and form major hotels and convenience facilities in Songdo.

    take a 6707B bus at Incheon airport 4B (https://www.kallimousine.com/eng/line/station.php#on_scroll

    >  Subway : KORAIL known as Korea railroad system provides service throughout the city including to and from Incheon international airport.
    The central park station (on the Incheon line number 1) is currently the closet to Songdo convensia.

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